Unhealthy and tasteless mess food may soon become a thing of the past on campuses, thanks to Fitbite, a start up launched by Sai Chakradhar Araveti, a final year student of Electrical Engineering at IIT Delhi, and his partner Harshit from the Department of Chemical Engineering. Fitbite which took shape in September 2015 aims to spread healthy food habits and tackle lifestyle diseases in society through this initiative.

Sai Fitbite

Sai Chakradhar Araveti, Co-founder of Fitbite

As Sai puts it, he and many of his friends ordered food frequently from outside or opted for junk food. This did not go well and they started falling sick more frequently and had to make several trips to the hospital. Sai also noticed that it is not just students but even busy working class people who often end up eating unhealthy food due to paucity of time and face similar problems.

Some people are even under the misconception that homemade food is invariably healthy. Though it is certainly hygienic, it may not always be healthy or lean. This was the primary motivation for them to make a product that prepares a customized diet chart for the user and also provides ready to cook semi-prepared DIY recipes, so that the consumer maintains healthy eating habits.

Fitbite will also build a community of doctors and best dieticians to provide services to their customers. Right now their target is working people. Fitbite will also save them the effort of having to go to market and buy groceries.

Sai says that his internship experience with a VC firm, Bertelsmann India Investments gave him a fair idea about what a start up is and what it takes to build a successful start up. The other Co-founder of Fitbite is Harshit, a fourth year chemical engineering student who has many accolades to his name and is mainly involved in innovation.

The co-founders have already carried out a pilot run of the Fitbite project in Chennai. Their USP is that they are combining the food delivery and health care industry, providing a one stop solution for a very common problem faced by urban working populations and students.

Fitbite also aims to hire interns in future from IIT as they will primarily be launching themselves as a tech start up. After their successful pilot project they aim to launch the product soon in Delhi and other cities.

Source: BSP IIT Delhi