Students of IIT Kanpur have designed and developed a couple of racing cars that have already hit the Buddh international circuit in Noida, participating in the Formula One races earlier this year in January. The F16 has been developed by a team of 25 students under the Kanpur chapter of Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) while another team of 24 students have come up with the B16, an all terrain, improved version of the former that can even be driven over steep inclines.


The F16 has been made using aluminium and steel for its chassis and crank, which makes it a considerably light car at around 181 kg, capable of attaining a top speed of 155 km per hour.  Carbon fibre was used for making the car body and panels. The car uses a KTM bike engine of 500cc and was manufactured at a cost of Rs 14 lakh. The car has all safety features in place and passed through various rounds of trial before it made its successful foray into the formula racing circuit.

The B16, developed over a year at a meagre cost of Rs 4.5 lakh uses a 305 cc engine and its most advanced model weighs only a little over 160 kg. The car can attain a maximum speed of 62 km per hour and offers the driver the advantage of auto-gear shift so that he need not manually change the gear while driving. The car wowed spectators at the Buddh circuit when it successfully scaled the inclined planes and went down the 11-feet deep trenches in the circuit.

Both cars drew huge crowds at Techkriti, the annual international technological and entrepreneurial festival organized by students of the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur.

Information source: The Times of India